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Hireartists is a marketplace designed to facilitate creative exchange during an unprecedented economic crisis for the already-precarious arts and creative sector at large.

Built by artists and for artists, hireartists connects buyers and supporters with experienced practitioners possessing decades of experience, for the purposes of online instruction or to help with creative and non-creative tasks.

With theatres dark, galleries shuttered, and studios off limits, thousands of the world’s artists are unemployed and isolated in their homes.

Let’s put them to work.

Learn Russian, brush up your Mandarin, get deep into macramé, commission a portrait or a poem, solicit a professional screenwriter’s opinion on your spec script. Restore order to your inbox, or pay a designer to help you punch up those PowerPoints.

For artists, this is an opportunity to deploy their skills, diversify their income, and hopefully gain meaningful support, For everyone else, this is a moment where we can both help and use this moment of confinement as an opportunity to grow your world.

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