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Hire Artists is a marketplace designed to facilitate creative exchange during the coronavirus era. Built by artists and for artists, we aim to connect buyers with experienced practitioners (that’s you!) for classes, commissions, and help with tasks both creative and non-creative. You can find thousands of listings for ordinary jobs elsewhere – we want to make this place for ideas and experiences that are driven or informed by YOUR experience as an artist. Read on for some top tips and best practices… 


  • Think about what you can offer that’s unique. Think outside the box, like custom crossword puzzles, foraging for edible and medicinal plants, and a personalized pandemic playlist.
  • Choose clear, strong images that represent the kind of work you do. Think about how the featured image will stand out on the listings page itself. We require at least one image in order for your listing to launch.
  • Write with your audience in mind. Come up with a few different types of people you imagine might be interested in your work – what words/phrases might help appeal to them? Consider including things like tutor, class, for kids, commission, gift, etc as applicable to what you are doing.
  • Your price should reflect your skills and qualifications. If this is a service you have provided before, start with that pricing. If you are offering something you have never done before, we would suggest you err on the side of charging less. Still not sure? Have a peek at the listings on the site to get a sense of the marketplace.
Use hi-res images that are attention grabbing. Image courtesy Peter Musante.
Two dancers across from each other in a bright dance studio. They are both smiling wide.
Use images (or screenshots!) from your class. Image courtesy Lara Marcin.


While we’ll be doing some promotion, a marketplace like Hire Artists only works when the whole community is pitching in. 

  • After you launch, plan to continue promoting with some regularity. This is to help keep your work top of mind and top of searches.
  • Utilize your email most of all! Consider ongoing strategies for newsletters (monthly or quarterly) and what 1:1 outreach might look like post-launch. Tinyletter is free if your list is under 5,000.
  • Looking to cast a wider net? Try searching for sites that cater specifically to your work and intended audience. For example, if you offer a class or commission for kids, this could include sending your listing to parenting blogs. This can take a minute to research, but helps ensure your work is getting in front of a targeted new audience. 
  • If something catches your eye on the site, considering sharing it. The more we support our fellow artists, the better.


  • There’s no fee to you as an artist on the platform. Right now the only fees involved are payment processing fees that are passed along to your buyers.
  • We use Stripe as our payment processor, which means we’re only available in countries that it supports. To check if that includes where you’re based, check Stripe: Countries.
  • Want to dig more deeply into making your practice sustainable? We highly recommend spending some time with the resources offered by Artists U.

If we didn’t cover something you’re looking for, don’t worry: we’ve got a whole FAQ for you.

Smiling woman wearing a pink jacket in front of a mural
Image courtesy Maggie C.

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