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As of June 30, HireArtists will be closed.

When we started HireArtists a little over a year ago, it was a time of immense challenge. We wanted to offer a platform for artists and those locked in at home to connect and conduct their practice – and in doing so find some level of financial support through doing. As the number of vaccinations continues to rise and life begins to shift back to something like pre-COVID normal, we’ve made the decision to close the site.

It’s bittersweet, but after more than 600 listings launching and $13,000 in payments to artists, we’re happy to have been able to serve the community in some small way.

Acting Lessons, Cocktail Consultation, Tutoring, Yoga, Screenwriting, Dream Analysis, Zoom DJ, Lighting Design, Video Editing, Casserole Baking, Screenprinting,

Singing Lessons, Watercolor, Makeup Tutorials, Pilates, Podcast Editing, Horticulture, Scenic Design, Wood Carving, Copy Editing